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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Favorite Pet Chameleon

I must rave about this cleverly designed top!
The Chameleon by Lady Peacock which can be wrapped and tied in several different ways. I first discovered her shop on etsy and what do you know, she’s only a few spots down from mine at the Sunday Market in Victoria. Check out her shop for all the details and multiple ways this top can be styled and dresses too.


Anonymous said...

I found you by chance :) And I'm soooooo happy of it :) I'm not living in Netherlands but not so far away from (only 12 kms !!!!) I'm from Luïk (you've certainly already heard about it ?!) it's in Belgium ! Well I wanted to tell you that I'm impressed by your talent and I ADORE your creations ! Girl, you rock ! Tons of smooches ! Sandrine

Amy said...

Hey! I just got the little leather pouch you made. I love it! You do great great work! :)